Blast From The Past: NOV.5 12:30 First Market and Internet Experience

I just got back from this huge outdoor market with the Secretary. We walked arm and arm like old friends walking through the center of Saluzzo. It is amazing how much random stuff they sell at these types of Farmer’s Markets and I even found this weird pluggy thing that I needed there!

However, my main goal was finding internet access. I mean…it’s been 2 weeks without it and this is just not cool. Finally we found it at the public library and the chain store Mailboxes Etc. The only problem is, is that they are both closed on weekends.

Saluzzo Library

But feeling quite satisfied with our discovery, we continued on at the market buying cheese, and vegetables and then the Secretary accompanied me to the post office where I could send off mini snack packs of Nutella that I found to my boyfriend back home. I couldn’t really understand but I think the Secretary was trying to tell me that I couldn’t send chocolate in the mail, but we all pretended not to see!

It’s hard not being able to speak at all but I am finally starting to catch a few things that the Secretary is starting to tell me. We went back to her apartment and she gave me a huge bag of apples and kiwis. That is strange, I wonder why?

So for lunch I had some tomatoes and mozzarella and I think I will go for a walk around town and buy another phone card.

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